Back to México

How is it to migrate to latin america? To be honest, I’m too fearful to move completely out of my secure nest and join such kind of adventure without having a good safety net for a fallback (thanks to the paranting of my overanxious mom). On the other hand, when I’m old and will judging my live during a review, it must not be the most boring story. Let’s use a compromise and migrate temporary. I’ll be back to San Luís Potosí, México, in September and stay there for a couple of monthes. Read More

Flying from Germany to San Luis Potosí

Because there are very limited information and experience in the internet regarding to a travel from Hamburg to San Luis Potosí in Mexico, including a bike, I’ll try to describe my experience. I traveled by Air France from Hamburg to Paris (CDG), switching the connection to Mexico City (CDMX) and from there changing to a Read More

A pedestrian way in Mexico

Obviously the nature was stronger. I’m deeply divided. On one hand, I like the “don’t worry” mood of Mexicans, on the other hand elder people will struggle a lot with such kind of ways.If there would be better pedestrian ways and cycle ways, I’m wondering if people here would still use their car that often? Read More

Time is running

Yep, this is a bike. It tooks a half day to pack it correctly into the Vaude Bikebag. After the first try, I recognised that the weight was to much and I had to remove the rack and the toolbag. Because weight is a critical element for the travel to San Luis Potosí, I’m not Read More

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Blog roll defect

In b2evo my blog roll was just another blog. During the migration, the original links vanished. Fortunately I still have the original data, that means I’m able to recreate the links. But I have to do it by hand. This may take a while… 🙁 Read More

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Vaude Bike Bag Pro

While preparing my long vacations, I worry about carrying my bike during the flights. Using a card box is the cheapest option, but it is impossible to carry luggage and a bike card box at the same time. Additionally, I want to travel by bus or plane in México. A perfect option may be a Read More

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Migrated to WordPress

New photo by Stefan Pauleweit / Google Photos I’m done. It took the whole weekend, but now my blog is empowered by the WordPress engine. Some Post may have some layout problems, but the majority looks fine. Because I’m heavy tire now, I can’t describe the way to migrate from B2Evolution to WordPress right now. Read More

Wechsel auf WordPress?

Ach menno. Ich mag B2Evo als CMS ja. Ich nutze es seit so vielen Jahren… Zuerst war da Joomla. Das war mir dann aber zu fett. Für das rumspielen und aufschreiben habe ich damals mehrere CMS angetestet. Zu der Zeit war B2Evo das am besten geeignete, WordPress hatte zwar auch damals schon eine größere Community, Read More

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